TV Spots

the MAC Theater – Mike Super Commercial


Second City Touring Co.

UP Comedy Club

Unelectable You

The Realish Housewives a parody

Luke Jermay Las Vegas Casino Commercial


Show Sizzle Reels

The Second City’s Let Them Eat Chaos

#DateMe Sizzle Reel

A Wonder In My Soul

Video Reels for Magicians

Oz Pearlman Reel

The Spencers Trailer

Dan Sperry Promo Video

Gazzo Promo Reel

Spencers Theatre of Illusion EPK

Mentalist Oz Pearlman Movie Trailer

Morgan Strebler’s Liquid Metal Trailer

Daniel Garcia’s Torn Too

Gregory Wilson’s Pip Streak Magic Trick Trailer

Awesome People We’ve Worked With!